Insurance Certificate

6 hour Behind-The- Wheel 3x 2 Hrs Lessons for Total 6 Hrs Lessons


You Save $105.00
"6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Certification”

Perfect for those students who are planning to take thier own car for the test. Students will receive a Certification which can be presented for Insurance Discount. The students will learn the fundamentals of driving as well as defensive driving techniques. Parallel Parking technique will be taught during the Test Prep Lesson. Parallel Parking is an easy technique to master. 15 minutes of explanation and you will be parallel parking every time any where and every where.

Pay-As-You-Go, $150 each 2 hrs Lesson Book Now

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4 Hour + Test Package 4 Hrs Behind-The-Wheel + Exam Day Package


You Save $120.00
"2 X 2hrs Lessons + Test Day Package”

For students who are already somewhat familiar with driving. This package is designed to teach Defensive Driving and Prepare for an upcoming Driver License Test. 1st 2 hrs will be learning the techniques of Defensive Driving. 2nd 2hrs is Test-Prep Lesson at the PennDOT testing center or a 3rd Party testing location 3rd Lesson is 1 hr and is on the Test Day - Final Preps. Pay-As-You-Go, $150 each Lesson, $195 Test Day

3rd Party Test ADD $75.00
Test at PennDOT is Included
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6+Hour + Test Package 6+ Hrs Behind The Wheel + Exam Day Package


You Save $165.00
"3 x 2 hrs Lesson + Test Day Package

For students who have little or no driving experience but are familiar with riding in a car. This package will prepare a student to take the driver's exam and be ready to mingle with traffic safely. Pay-As-You-Go $150 each lesson, $185 on test day

3rd Party Test ADD $75
Test at PennDOT is Included
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3rd Party Testing

“Schedule your Skill Test in as Little as 48 Hrs"


You Save $25.00
“Why wait 4 weeks or more to schedule your road test?"

Take your road test at one of our PennDOT authorized Testing Centers located throughout Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. Call us at 215-558-0554 to schedule a Road Test in as ittle as 48 hrs The $75 fee must be paid in advance at the time of scheduling and is NON-REFUNDABLE. You must provide your own vehicle to take the test or rent one of our cars or sign up for any one of our packages with Test Day services. Test Day Service includes use of our car for the test.

1 hr Lesson + Use Our Car ADD $225
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Crash Course

Exam Day Package 1 Hour + Test


You Save $50.00
“Let us Take you to the Test”

On the day of your exam, we will pick you up 1 hour prior to your exam time. We will review the last minute details about your exam. If you have any specific weaknesses we will try to make a game plan for the weakness

‘One Time Payment, $225, On Test day 3rd Party Test ADD $75 Book Now

Lesson by the Hour

2 Hour Behind-The- Wheel


You Save $35.00
“Lesson by the Hour - 2 hrs"

Perfect for learning what is on the test or learning a specific driving skill. Excellent for practicing Parallel Park at Your Penn Dot exam center.

One Time Payment, $150, On Lesson day You Save $35 Book Now
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