Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you not offer 3rd Party Testing?

First reason is All students like the feeling of getting that “Plastic” Driver’s License on the same day they pass the test. This can be done only if one passes the Road test at PennDot. With 3rd Party Testers, even if one successfully passes the Road test, one DOES NOT get that “Plastic” Driver’s License the same day. Your current Permit will serve as your driver’s license for next 2 to 4 weeks. You will get a “Camera Card” from PennDot by mail in 2 to 4 weeks and then you will have to go to Penn Dot to have your photo taken. . Second reason is the 3rd Party Testers will charge $100 to $150 extra fees to give the test. Please note that there is no fees to take the Road test. The fact is that you have already paid for the Road test at the PennDot when you paid your fees to take the Permit test. Again PennDot does not charge a fee to give Road Tests, not to you and not to any schools. At Complete Auto Driving School, we choose to stay simple. We are BEST at teaching Safe Driving and that is what we do. We prefer to have our students take the test at PennDot, the old fashion way..

What is covered during Lessons?

Driving a car safely requires good fundamentals and good techniques. Your 1st Lesson, “Fundamentals of Driving” is probably the single most important lesson. You will learn the proper positioning, proper Driving Lanes, how to properly use Gas and Brake pedals, etc. Your 2nd Lesson is usually “Defensive Driving”. Where you will learn to Scan for potential dangers and to be able to Change lanes safely. Your 3rd Lesson is usually “Preparation for your Road Test”. Various Penn-Dot locations may emphasize different driving techniques. We are EXPERTS when it comes to Road Tests throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties

What documents do I need to bring to the exam?

Your Permit and 1 other ID (School ID, Work ID, Passport, Any Photo ID, etc). If you are under 18, you also will need the Parent or Guardian Certification Form, signed and notarized.

Is parallel parking the most difficult to learn?

At the Penn Dot driver’s exam, one of the 1st task you will be asked to do is to parallel park the car and our school specializes in teaching parallel parking in 15 minutes or less.

What is the most difficult part of the driver’s exam?

We take students to test almost every day and we find that the biggest single hurdle is controlling nervousness. Although being nervous is normal when taking the driving test, the best way to overcome the nervousness is to be meticulously prepared. When we take you to your Driving Exam you will be meticulously prepared to pass.

I have problem making turns?

At the Penn Dot driver’s exam, you will be asked to make left and right turns. Our school, working with proven, easy-to-remember methods will teach you to make turns properly and safely.

Do I have a heavy foot?

No one has a HEAVY foot. If you have problems of pressing down too hard on the acceleration, we will teach you to correct this in 5 minutes or less.

(I have a driver’s License, but) I am too afraid to drive (on certain roads)?

This is a common problem for many new drivers and for some licensed drivers. We will show you how and what you must do to keep yourself calm and confident on some of the dangerous corners and some of the hazardous roads. Book your lesson now and let us help you remove your fears of the road.

Do you help make the driver’s exam appointment?

We will assist you but we are no longer able to make the schedule for your road exam. Penn Dot now requires the last 4-digits of the Social Security number to schedule a road test and Penn Dot have sentout mails to all drviving schools to Not to ask for any part of students SS#. Please log on to penndot.gov. The window to schedule a road exam is once a week,every Wednesday starting at 4:00 AM. Please note, by 7:00 AM most of all test schedule dates are taken. If you’re ready and would like to take the test sooner, please log on to penndot.gove every hour on the hour. All cancelled appoints will be available on the following hour on the hour to 5 minutes past the hour.

How does your “Cash Back Satisfaction Guarantee” work?

We are committed to providing excellent driving instruction services that will exceed your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund. The “Cash Back Satisfaction Guarantee” is our way of taking away your concerns about the quality of the driving instructions you will be receiving. For any reason, during your 1st hour of your 1st lesson, if you feel that our services does not meet your expectations, you may choose to STOP the lesson and get a full refund by mail. For details, see “guarantee” section.

Do you offer pick-up service?

We are a full service private driver training school. We will pick you up and drop you off at home, work or school and we give Private 1 on 1, one Student to one Instructor lessons. But on the day of the exam, after you have successfully passed your driver’s exam, and if the wait for your driver’s license to be issued takes too long, we may not be able to drive you back to your home, work, or school. Our school will do our best to make everything as convenient for you as possible, but at times, Penn Dot gets too backed for us to wait. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I get started?

You can register for our classes in one of the 2 ways. You may use our FREE, On-Line Booking system by pressing the “BOOK NOW” button or you may call us at 215-558-0554 for further questions and to book your lessons.

How do I pay for the lessons?

You may pay for any of our packages in full on your 1st Lesson or You may use our convenient, “Pay-As-You-Go”. If you are Paying As You Go, $140 is due at the end of each 2 hour lesson. If you are signing up for one of our packages, the balance is due on the last lesson (in most cases – on the day of your driver’s exam). If you prefer to pay for any one of our packages in full and in advance, please pay your instructor on your first lesson.

What form of payments does the school accept?

NO Credit Cards or Debit Cards. We DO NOT ACCEPT Credit Cards or Debit Cards for lesson fees. We only accept Personal and Business Checks, Money Orders, Bank Checks and Cash for lesson fees.

Why do I need credit/debit card to make an appointment?

We out source “Gen-Book” to schedule appointments. Credit Card is required only for validation and verification and to secure your appointment. Your credit card Card details are always kept secure and only ever displayed to Complete Auto Driving School. Your Card will NOT be charged for a lesson or a package. We accept check, cash, or money order, on the day of the lesson. We have 48 hour cancellation policy. Your credit card will be charged $24.99 for appointments cancelled without 48 hour prior notice.

Do I get a receipt for my payments?

You will be given an Appointment Book that will keep track of all of your lessons and your payments. Please have this Book and your Permit with you for all lessons.

Is the school licensed by the State?

We are Certified and Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to teach Driver’s Education, behind the wheel.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured to exceed the Department and State’s requirements.

Are your vehicles equipped with dual control system?

All of our vehicles are equipped with DUAL brake system. All of our vehicles are equipped with Front and Side Air Bags. All of our vehicles are registered with Penn DOT and certified by the PA Department of Education.

Do you provide Certificate to lower my insurance?

After 6 hours of behind the wheel driving lesson with our school, you will be given an insurance certificate to help teen-drivers to lower insurance rates. Be sure to check with your insurance company for information on specific discounts.

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